About us

About us

The ORIENTAL AND CLASSIC MASSAGES is the ongoing project of two souls, that have a clear goal in their mind (besides their friendship) – and it is to help people at both physical and mental levels. And of course, they are here to serve their customers a true quality service, enriched with the individual approach, thus helping to make the life on this planet more pleasant and better.

Our practitioners are the masters in their area and are continually improving their skills and knowledge. Thanks to the careful combination of oriental methods with a thorough knowledge of anatomyand European practices of massaging, we are convinced that we are able to enhance the ever increasing qualities of service demanded by our clients at all levels – physical, mental and spiritual. Our clients can rely on our professional and also human approach.

Please consider our invitation and let yourselves to indulge the atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation that will regenerate your body and your mind.
You can make a reservation beforehand by giving us a call or by filling a form on our website.

We are looking forward to see you soon!

Our team


He is actively practicing masseur since 2015. He prefers Thai massages.
He has experienced them first as a client and has been enchanted by their efficiency. He has really enjoyed the systematic substance and scientific principles of Thai massages. These were perfectly matching his knowledge of Yoga.
He has got a background of an accredited re-conditioning and sport masseur.  Hehad also consolidated his skills by hundreds of massages done under supervision of native Thais – both in Thailand and later in the Czech Republic.
David is fully accepting the Asian way of looking at the human being as a complex system, consisting not only of the physical body but also of the “fine energies” that surround it. Therefore, the massages or healing procedures must logically reflect all components of the human being, its lifestyle, its way of thinking.
As he said – massages are the multilevel healing process. This is the approach David recognizes and practically follows.
He is warmly inviting you and is ready to satisfy your expectations the best he can.


I specialize in relaxing and reconditioning massages. Apart from being adept in massages, I am also an acredited nurse. I believe that my thorough knowledge of anatomy will prove beneficial for all my clients. It is possible to consult your individual issues and adapt the procedures to your specific needs. I am looking forward to meeting you.