The main purpose of this massage is relaxation.

It helps to keep your skin healthy, fresh and elastic. It removes toxins and unwanted products of metabolism, has got regenerative and rejuvenating affects. The biggest benefit of oil massage is a total harmony. This is exactly what we need in today’s era of stresses and rush.

In the massage room, you will have just your underwear, laid on the floor mat.

The practitioner will cover your body and will uncover only the sites needed for massage to be done.

The massage oils are a traditional medium in many parts of the Orient and have been adopted by a medicine of ancient Europe as well. Only oils of a guaranteed BIO grade are used in our facility.

As an extra, we can use aromatic essential oil for even higher sensation. There are several kinds of these oils on our offer. We would like to recommend you a whole-body massage either 90 or 120 minutes long.

Or you can choose 60 minutes version, too. We can also focus only on the particular parts of your body if you wish so.

It’s your choice – whether you prefer a deep relaxation or just a revitalizing type of massage.

* aromaterapeutické masáže na přání

Download: Užitečné rady před a po masáži