Royal massage is unique in combining the touches of an original Thai massage with subsequent pre-heating of a body parts with aid of warm herbal pouches. Practitioner will massage your body through the pouches, what helps to relax your muscle groups.

Such operation will upgrade a pressure–based massage to the oil type, where pre-heated oil is used.

There will be a further benefit – Royal Massage will help your organism to sustain coldness in the winter season – thanks to thermal energy, so indispensable in the East Asian region.

It helps to harmonize and re-open already mentioned meridians – your “energetic highways”.

Pre-heated pouches filled with herbal mixture will release the aromatic essential oil components and will further boost the overall effect.

This massage truly deserves its call – “Royal”. It can be served either in 60, 90 or 120 minutes versions.


Download: Užitečné rady před a po masáži