The Original Thai Massage is a traditional art originated from principles of Yoga. It can be traced back to ancient India. Through the centuries, it has been evolving behind the walls of buddhist temples.

Thai massage is basically an acupressure type – no oil is used. It is usually done on the floor mat because the practitioner needs to use – besides his/her fingers and palms – also elbows, feet and a full weight of his/her body.

Thai massage will combine stretching of various body parts and pressurizing the energetic points along the energetic lines – meridians. It is, in fact, a very dynamic and interactive exercise.

You should wear relaxed-fit clothing during massage in order to feel yourselves comfortably.

In turn, you will benefit from a muscular regeneration, improved blood circulation and a back pain removal. It will boost your immune system and will help to harmonize a flow of energies in your body.

Pressurizing of points in the meridians – centers of your vital organs – will stimulate their functions and thus increase your vitality.
You can opt for 60, 90 or 120 minutes version of our massage. In any case you will enjoy the procedure that will let you forget about your stresses and everyday worries.


Download: Užitečné rady před a po masáži